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I took Holly's class to prepare myself for the delivery of my 4th baby. After having epidurals with my 3 previous births, I really wanted to play a more active role in my baby's birth. Holly's class taught me to relax, helped me cope with some serious anxiety, and gave me some very realistic ways to prepare and plan for my son's birth. She taught me to believe in myself and to be able to handle whatever came. When I ended up being induced with my son, I decided to just try as long as I could to manage on my own, but to also be open to intervention as needed. Things went really well for a couple hours and shortly after breaking my water I hit transition. I listened to my body and knelt on the bed, draping my arms over the top of the mattress. I felt the urge to push, but when the nurses checked me I was at an 8. I asked the nurse to get the nitrous oxide machine to help me manage the pain better, and then the next contraction hit. It was like a tidal wave surge and I knew the baby was coming NOW. I closed my eyes and pushed and opened them a couple minutes later when my son was on my chest. Luckily, their was a second nurse training that day who had stayed in the room to chart on the computer. She was able to call for help and a resident in the hall came in to catch my baby. It was the hardest thing physically, and the most empowering thing emotionally I have ever done. I am so grateful for the preparation I had from Holly's class--things didn't go as planned, but I was ready for that. I was lucky to still have the natural birth experience I was hoping for, just in a different way! I recommend Holly's class to anyone looking to prepare for the birth of their baby.

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