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We took a birthing class, Intuitive Birth, in the weeks before Marley's due date. I'll forever be thankful for this class as it taught me a lot about how birth doesn't always go as planned, and that just because it may end up completely different than you planned you can still have a positive experience. You can plan/hope for the best experience and there are certain things you can do to try and make it go that way, but ultimately baby will come when they are ready and we can't control the way it goes. In fact, we have to LET GO in order for our bodies to do what they need to do. It's almost like allowing ourselves to get to a primal state. I finished this class excited and confident and ready to just let my body do it's job.

We had planned to have an unmedicated birth at a birthing center, but as complications arose and a very long labor, in the end I ended up with an epidural and delivering vaginally at a hospital. This class helped me to acknowledge that birth is unpredictable prior to going into it and so as we were transferring and things weren't going how we had expected, I was able to stay calm and truly am happy with it all in the end and can say that we had a voice in our experience. Your class helped me to appreciate birth no matter how it happens, So thank you!

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