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Mindfulness is the basis of Intuitive Birth and Embryoga, What is mindfulness? Click on the button and image to find out more about mindfulness and how important it is for mental and physical health.

The Concious Baby

Baby's brain development begins in the womb and is largely influenced by the pregnant person's state of mind during pregnancy.  Click on the image and the button to learn more about pre and perinatal psychology and how important the womb environment is to long term health and well-being.

Birth Support

Humans are meant to birth within a completely safe bubble of privacy and support. Studies show that birthing persons who have continual support during their birth have easier and shorter labors, less interventions and complications, and a faster recovery. Although partners can be amazing support, most birthing people will benefit from support from a trained birth professional such as a doula.  Click on the image and button to learn more about support during pregnancy, birth, and the first few weeks postpartum.


Prenatal yoga is an excellent tool for birth preparation. In addition to building strength and flexibility, the practice of yoga is simply another form of mindfulness. Click on image and button to learn more about benefits of yoga.

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Mindful Birthing,  Nancy Bardacke (2012)

Mama Bamba Way,  Robyn Sheldyn (2010)

Calm Birth,   Bruce Newman (2005)

The Down to Earth Birth Book,   Jenny Blyth

Transformed By Birth,     Britta Bushnell


The Whole Brain Child,  Daniel Siegel (2013)

Parenting for Peace,  MarcyAxness (2012)

Parenting From the Inside Out, Daniel Siegel (2013)

Conscious Baby

Windows to the Womb,  David Chamberlain (2013)

The Secret Life of Your Unborn Child,  Thomas Verny (1982)

Conversations From the Womb,  Penny Chang (2012)

Welcoming Consciousness,  Wendy Anne McCarty

Yoga And Energetic Anatomy


Meditation is also a form of mindfulness.  This is also an excellent way for you and your partner to connect and bond with your growing baby.  There are many ways to make meditation fit your lifestyle.  Click on the picture or button to learn more about different ways to make meditation a regular practice.

Energetic Anatomy

There are many ways to describe the energetic anatomy of the body.  Ancient eastern philosophies have utilized this way of looking at the body to facilitate optimal physical, spiritual and mental health. Western medicine is starting to incorporate these modalities as more and more studies are validating the benefits of these ancient techniques. Learning about and connecting to your energy body is very important during pregnancy. 

Complimentary Modalities

There are many ways to keep yourself in optimal health during pregnancy.  Good nutrition, exercise, and lots of sleep are essential. Many complimentary modalities have been shown to decrease common discomforts of pregnancy, optimize health and growth of mom and baby, and make delivery easier.  Click on image and button below to learn more about acupuncture and chiropractic care during pregnancy

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Inner Beauty, Inner Light,  Frederick Leboyer and BKS Iyengar (1999)

Beautful, Bountiful Blissrul,   Garmukh (2004)

The Subtle Body,   Cyndi Dale (2009)

Meditation and Neuroscience

Buddha's Brain,  Rick Hansen (2009)

Hardwiring Happiness,  Rick Hansen (2016)

The Biology of Belief,  Bruce Lipton (2016)

Full Catastrophe Living, Jon Kabat-Zinn



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