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"As an resident physician and RYT-200 graduate, I strive to combine my love for medicine with a holistic approach to promote both physical and mental well-being. Delivering babies is one of my favorite and most rewarding parts of my job. The prenatal teacher training allowed me to not only better understand the intuitive birth process, but taught me several skills to embolden women to navigate their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period with a sense of power and ease. Holly tailored the class to the learners present at the time, making the content even more meaningful and lasting. The hands-on experience and practice teaching peers was invaluable. I highly recommend this course to any yoga teacher who is interested in furthering their knowledge of the birth process."

Jaclyn Cooperrider, MD, RTY200, RPYT


There are several options available for prenatal yoga teacher training.  If you are interested in Yoga Alliance Certification, we are proud to offer a training through the only Yoga Alliance® Registered Prenatal School (RPYS) in Idaho. This program is for everyone: parents-to-be, doulas, yoga teachers, students, medical practitioners or anyone with in interest in the benefits of yoga and childbirth. If you are hoping to teach prenatal yoga this program is a must.  The curriculum is covered in two modules that are regularly held in Boise but we can also arrange to travel to your location. There are also informational workshops for those who are considering teaching prenatal yoga and are interested in learning more about the YA training. These can be tailored to your specific needs.   Please contact me if you would like to schedule a training or a workshop  in your area.


"As a yoga teacher, and now an expectant mom, participating and learning with Holly has been an absolute treat!  The breadth and depth of her knowledge in both the medical and yoga fields are a perfect combination for a prenatal yoga training.  Whether you have a dedicated home practice as a student of yoga, curious about how prenatal yoga could be a benefit, are an E-RYT 500 teacher interested in diversifying your skills, or you are a mama-to-be, there is something of value for everyone, nestled within the supportive curriculum that Holly has created.  Thank you, Holly, for sharing and for sparking the creative mama energy within me!  The work we did with subtle body energy and the chakra systems, coupled with mantra/mudra information, is something that will stay with me far beyond the birth of my child."                  

~ Meggie


"I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in childbirth education.  Holly's prenatal yoga training was extremely valuable to me both as an expectant mother and yoga teacher.  The training boosted my confidence as I prepare for my own birthing experience, enhanced my overall yoga teaching skills and knowledge, and completely prepared me to teach pre-natal yoga classes. Holly's depth of knowledge on childbirth is exceptional and her teachings are well known to medical professionals throughout the Treasure Valley and McCall.  Holly's prenatal yoga and intuitive birth knowledge is a 'must have' for any expectant mother, aspiring prenatal yoga teacher, or any yogi looking to enhance their knowledge."



"I not only learned things that will benefit the expectant mother; but also things that will benefit any yoga student or yoga teacher.  This training taught me breathing techniques that I will use in my own practice all of the time along with alternative poses and movements with breath that will give benefits to all yoga students.  These fluid movements with breath and the poses are not designed just for pregnant women, but are safe for pregnant women.  They are wonderful and beneficial yoga practices for all yoga students. I was taught in my 200hr teacher training about the chakras pretty extensive I thought, but this prenatal training went even further into the chakras and taught me how balancing the chakra energies can really help the mother have a better delivery experience.  This in turn also helps the baby come into the world a much happier, healthier, and emotionally strong little being."



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