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"The Intuitive Birth teacher training was amazing! In addition to learning new ways to support women and families through their labor and birth, we learned about the importance of nurturing the emotional and neurobiological connection between mother and baby. We were enlightened by the growing body of evidence that is focused on the epigenetic impact of the perinatal period, and how the physical environment and the emotional habitat of the growing baby have an affect on the expression of the baby's own genetic make-up. We learned that by supporting the emotional and the physical aspects of a woman's pregnancy, we are helping to shape the course of humanity!"

~Megan Kitterman, BSN, CNM-in-training


Prenatal and perinatal psychology research shows that the embryo begins accumulating memory from the very beginning of life in utero. Brain development in the womb, during labor and birth, and in the first hours of life have an enormous impact on future emotional and physical health. Mind-body connection practices decrease maternal stress, which is toxic to the developing brain. This workshop will outline latest research in this field and give you valuable tools to incorporate this knowledge into your practice. This active and experiential workshop will include topics such as:

  • Latest research in pre and perinatal psychology and how this very crucial time in development has lasting effects on the baby and how those effects ripple across societies.

  • The science of mindfulness and how it works during pregnancy and parenting, simple ways to incorporate it into your own life and how to help birthing people and  families enhance well-being through this simple practice.

  • Energetic anatomy and theories of energetic anatomy development in the fetus an how to help birthing people support total fetal development through stress reduction and prenatal bonding.

Immerse yourself in the wonder and miracle of pregnancy and birth in this weekend workshop for anyone involved with or interested in birth;
nurses, doctors and midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, and more. Enrich your work with birth and families as well as your own lives learning to help water the seeds of peace for the next generation.  CNEs available at most trainings.


"I met Holly my very first day as a new grad nurse in Labor and Delivery. I know she was placed in my life for special reasons and feel that it is through her passion that I have learned so much about supporting women in birth as well as realizing my own abilities and intuition about birth.  When she asked me to attend Intuitive Birth Teacher Training I knew it would be an opportunity to refocus and renew my energy in supporting women in their own ability and decisions. The training weekend was full of good information- about physiology, support techniques, mindfulness, but the most meaningful parts were the connections made with other members of our community. We all play different roles, but we have the same goals and it matters that we work together. Thank goodness for the opportunity to strengthen bonds and learn more about birth and peace and courage to support women and families. Holly’s knowledge and passion is evident in her facilitation of the content and it was an empowering experience to take with me forward into my own work."

~Chelsea, BSN, RN

"Such a wonderful workshop this weekend! Can't help but reminisce back to Avery's birth. Holly is such a wonderful instructor. For me my birth experience was the epitome of what this class is all about; being present, mindful, and enjoying the moment. Yes there were times I was yelling like a banshee and wanted the pain to end, but I still embraced everything I could. I left her class feeling confident in my abilities, I left my birth feeling empowered, I left this workshop knowing she's teaching not just a way to embrace birth but a way to embrace life and a way to teach my daughter to embrace her own. Thank you holly!"

~Ashley, postpartum doula

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