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"Although birth is only one day in the life of a woman, it has an imprint on her for the rest of her life." ~Ina May Gaskin

I have had the pleasure working with Holly over the last 16 years. Holly has been instrumental in not only bettering birth at St. Luke's but also in our community. We started talking about mindfulness childbirth education 7 years ago. We often spoke of the community need for a course that embraces confidence, connection and inner calmness and peace not just during birth, but also in pregnancy. Holly's design of Intuitive Birth has assisted families to dismantle fear, stress and anxiety that can often be experienced by many birthing people and their partners during pregnancy and birth. My clients that have taken Intuitive Birth report they are grateful for her class and that they acquired tools and knowledge to embrace their labor no matter how it unfolded. I often suggest to clients to sign up for Intuitive Birth early in pregnancy because Holly's class emphasizes the importance of reducing the effects of stress, cultivating a deep connection to body and baby, meditative techniques to help with birth and parenting and how to trust the body's innate birthing ability. We are fortunate to have Intuitive Birth offered in our community.

~Kristi Rhodes, CNM


Intuitive Birth is a mindfulness-based childbirth education program designed to help you and your baby have a positive, powerful pregnancy and birth experience.  This innovative approach to "awaken the intelligence of the body" and prepare for birth blends components of practices such as yoga and meditation with contemporary childbirth education models and will give you the tools you need to prepare your body and mind for the incredible and fulfilling work of birth and parenting.  Being fully educated about the physiologic process and confident in your bodys ability to give birth will allow you to ask the right questions to make informed decisions surrounding your birth, no matter what birth setting you choose. In this unique series you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of normal birth, how to reduce the effects of stress to provide an optimal growing environment and help wire the baby's brain for peace and lifelong happiness, how to cultivate a deep connection to baby and how to envision your optimal birth environment to support the experience that you desire.  These tools and techniques will not only help you during labor, but will help you and baby cope with any possible complications that may arise, building strong foundation for optimal health.


"We cannot begin to express our gratitude for providing such unbiased support and compassionate care during this important time in our lives.  Your professionalism was upstaged only by your personal touch and we feel so lucky to have had you in the delivery room with us. My birth would not have been so calm without you.  You had a belief in me that I didn’t know I had in myself."


"My husband and I are so thankful that we took the Intuitive Birth class. Our son was born December 7th and I truly believe our birth experience would have been completely different if it weren't for the tools we learned in this class. I think the most important thing that we learned was to be flexible with our birth plan meaning that if things don't go as "planned" our birth experience could still be positive and incredible. This was something I desperately needed to hear to be able to allow myself to live in the moment and let go of fear and view the birth of our son as something natural and beautiful instead of scary. I knew that I wanted to go unmedicated and do whatever it took to avoid a C-section but after all was said and done we just wanted to bring our baby safely into the world and make informed decisions along the way. And that's exactly what this class did for us. We took away tools such as breathing and meditation exercises that I was able to utilize during my 11 hours of labor that enabled me to stay unmedicated during the entire process. Labor was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was the most beautiful night of our lives and we are so grateful for our birth story which began with Intuitive Birth."


"In my own pregnancy and delivery  the combination of yoga, Intuitive Birth and the support of my “ dream team” in the delivery room -which included Holly and local (and incredible) midwife, Kristi Rhodes, my husband and the wonderful staff of St. Lukes, I was well prepared to handle anything that was thrown at me. My plan was to have a natural, unmedicated, intervention free birth and i was committed to making that happen so long as there were no major medical issues. One of the major talking points in class is to know that no 2 births are alike and though its quite handy to have a birth plan to share with your provider and nurses , this plan should be considered more of a preference sheet - as things don’t always go as planned…..and that's okay. I went in to class thinking there was no alternative to my plan but came out much more accepting of the notion that I can’t control everything and to be open to deviations to the plan."


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