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"Embryoga could not have come at a more perfect time for me. I started at 32 weeks and it helped me stay flexible and strong, but most of all it helped me stay connected and grounded. This yoga practice was a perfect compliment to my weekly acupuncture and chiropractic regimen. All three practices focused on alleviating any pregnancy discomforts I was having, and to keep my mind and body holistic. I highly recommend Holly's class and even wish I was still taking it still, 5 months later. I love the internal or mental/emotional/spiritual aspects of this class. And I appreciated Holly's encouragement to do what feels right. I learned many helpful birthing tools. Thank you Holly!"
Stacey Kelsey, L.Ac.Boise Acupuncture Co-op



Embryoga is a unique prenatal yoga series designed to strengthen the physical and energetic body to prepare for birth and parenting. Usually formatted as a series, each class is dedicated to learn about and explore energetic anatomy through a playful exploration of chakra energies using mudra, mantra and meditation to connect deeply with your own intuitive nature. You will learn how to cultivate seeds of peace and happiness through mindful awareness of the the neuro-hormonal connection between you and baby. Emphasis is placed on following your own body's cues and using breath as the guide to prepare the body for birth through building strength and flexibility. Realizing the connection between your energetic anatomy and baby's developing energies can empower you to help your baby grow in an environment of peace and love.


"Embryoga is an incredible class. It isn't just about yoga poses, although there is that element. It is about deeply connecting with your body and your baby. Holly walks you through your class less as an instructor and more as a travel companion taking you deeper into yourself. I cannot recommend this class enough. Now, more than ever, is the time to start listening to your body. Now is the time to allow yourself to stretch and move in ways that will only aid you when you find yourself in the midst of labor. Most importantly, this class becomes a community and safe place to be vulnerable in the middle of all these changes surrounded by other women walking in your same shoes. Holly has created something very special with Embryoga and I can't help but feel only she could be the one to do it. Her voice was often in my head, especially during labor reminding me to stay calm and centered. This birth community is so very lucky to have her!"


"On December 15th of 2016, I had a natural hospital birth with our second daughter. One of the highlights of my pregnancy was Holly’s Embryoga series that I attended during the summer. Yoga practice has been a part of my life for several years, and I’ve been lucky to have some great teachers; however, Holly’s unique style is by far one of my favorites. At five months pregnant, nothing felt better for my body and mind than her weekly class. We practiced many common yoga poses, but also learned some poses and ways of flowing in our bodies that I haven’t previously come across. I credit this yoga series (which I continued on my own at home, once the series finished), as well as my daily walks in helping me achieve a natural birth. I highly recommend Embryoga! My partner and I also attended and recommend Holly’s Intuitive Birth class."



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