May 29, 2020

Thanks again for the fantastic class. It really helped me through this second birth. I feel like the birth stories of my two daughters were so different, I had to share them with you:

The day before my daughter Matilda was born, I got hit by a major wave of nesting. It was a good thing I got in a nap that afternoon because I wasn't able to even sleep that night due to my contractions starting up. I started timing my contractions around one in the morning, and we arrived at the hospital around two. My water broke--just a trickle--as I was walking into the hospital. Triage was straight-forward as the nurses tested the fluid and confirmed that it was amniotic fluid; when they checked my cervix again after admittance, my water broke a second time--in a gush--and it was discovered there was meconium in the amniotic fluid. The nurses reassured me that it was normal, and there was no rush--I could have the baby vaginally as planned. After hooking me up to an IV (it took them four tries to get...

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