January 15, 2019

When I found out we were finally pregnant, I was so excited to experience pregnancy but was also anxious about birth.  I loved reading birth stories and talking to other women about their births.  Birth is fascinating to me.  I was eager to have an empowering birth with intentions of not using any interventions unless necessary.  I prepared for this by taking the Embryoga prenatal yoga series two times during pregnancy, Sean and I took the Intuitive Birth class that focused on techniques like mindfulness, I read books like ‘Mama Bamba’ and ‘Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth,’ I talked with other women who had non-medicated births, I stayed healthy by eating right and exercising, meditated, and frequently visualized the birth experience I was wanting.  I played college volleyball, so I was almost treating birth like a big match I had to practice for!

Fast forward to 41 weeks gestation.  Still pregnant.  I had been doing every trick in the book in an attempt to sta...

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