February 26, 2018

My Birth Story

By: Brooke Prescott

October 24th 2017 I worked a full 12 hour shift as a Labor and Delivery nurse. My patient that day was so sweet, laboring un-medicated, and still worrying about how I was doing! Before I went home I stopped by my friend Tasha’s house to get a foot and belly massage. As a trained massage therapist she used essential oils and acupressure points to hopefully help induce labor. As she worked her magic I did indeed begin to feel some contractions! As I was driving home I kept thinking, “these aren’t real contractions, I’m just hyper stimulated from all of the wonderful rubbing.” I got home, ate some dinner, and watched some TV. My husband wasn’t home yet as he had decided to go to a concert that night. All the while I am still feeing contractions. At about 11 p.m. I still wasn’t sure this was the real thing so I decided I better try to get some sleep.

About 12:30 a.m. on October 25th I was getting a little more uncomfortable so got out of bed and walked aroun...

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